About Us

      Yantai Zhenzhe Biotechnology Co., LTD. is supported by Shandong Agricultural University and Shandong Insect Industry Association.
      We are dedicated to the production and international trade of insects. The company is fully qualified and has the license to import and export.
      Company has set up various functional departments for seamless management and smooth operation, including foreign trade department, technology centre, quality inspection centre, breeding/cultivation base, pre-processing (drying, sterilization), post-processing, packaging & warehousing department and centre for special equipment research and development production. 

      We have the capability to provide domestic and international customers with a variety of insects products suitable for food/forage, biological purpose, and industrial production. 

      Main products range from fresh/dryed worm, dryed insect pupae, whole-fat insects powder, skimmed insects powder, insects oil, insect food, insect handicrafts and insect specimens to insects breeding equipment, insects microwave dryer, insects degreasing (rolling oil) equipment, insect powder processing equipment and so on.

      Yantai Zhenzhe Biotechnology Co., LTD. wishes wholeheartedly to make joint efforts with international peers who are aspired to the insects industry, and work together persistently toward the accomplishment of the grand goal --"Insects raise people".

      Welcome to the rising China, the beautiful Yantai, and the growing Zhenzhe!